Vegan friendly - Dairy free - Gluten free - Non GMO - Soy free - Certified Organic 

You know what we hate about some plant-based protein? They usually taste like chalk and you don't always know what is really in the tub. That was the driving force behind P92's Lean Plant Protein - Make it delicious, tell you exactly what it is you're getting and optimise it to give you that extra boost. P92 Lean plant based protein is all natural, organic and packed with essential amino acids serving up 20grams of pure protein per serve. P92 created this unique protein blend to help you achieve your goals and milestones in all aspects of everyday life and wellbeing.

So what sets P92’s Lean Plant Protein apart from other proteins?

  • Strictly plant based! No whey protein of any kind, no soy protein either.
  • Rich in omega 3, 6, and 9, alpha tocopherol vitamin E, carotenoids.
  • We have added a live-digestive enzyme blend to our protein. This blend helps breakdown nutrients to assist in absorption and promotes good gut health.
  • All natural flavours and sweeteners. There is nothing artificial about our protein whatsoever. A unique blend of mesquite, vanilla and stevia.

      Serving Suggestions

      SHAKE: Add 30g into 250-300 mls of water, juice or milk of your choice. We love it in coconut, oat or macadamia milk.

      BLEND: Add 30g to boost your smoothie and take it to the next level in flavour and protein.

      ROLL: Add into your protein balls or whatever healthy treats you create.

      Why do I need this in my life?

      • Great source of protein. Contains 20g of protein per serving.
      • Aids in muscle recovery and growth.
      • Suitable for those with lactose intolerance, no upset stomachs.
      • Supports a healthy digestive system.
      • Better for your body. No artificial ingredients, additives or fillers.