The 'Sleever's Bariatric Bundle' incorporates the latest 'tools' to help you on your weight loss journey.  It includes:

1 X Bottle (enough for 30 days) of NutriChew Chewable Multivitamin/Multimineral Tablets with Vitamin K2 for strong bones and featuring pill break line for ease of consumption.

1 X Portion 8 portion control esky pack (with Freezer Pouches) to feep your portion controled meals fresh & delicious when you are on the move or off to work.

1 X 258 page Weight Loss Surgery - the complete guide to Nutrition by Sally Johnston, Dietitian & Nutritionist with sample recipes.

1 X Portion Control Plate - Large to "aclimatise" you  visually gauge food intake on the plate as you commence eating solid food post surgery.

1 X Tub of Peptipro Tasteless Protein - Water soluble and mixed with any liquid food like Juice, Smoothie, Milk etc.

These tools are essential to 're train' your brain to accomodate your new eating regiem.  


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